Wake up with a smile on your face

If you’re ready to control of your life and wake up with a smile on your face you’re in the right place. If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and consumed by stress, let me help you break free.


Here’s how to live your dream life

I recently hosted a mastermind session on How to Uncover Your Path to Personal Fulfillment. You’ll learn what is the most common reasons you’re not fulfilled. You’ll learn, How to break from the stress of the day, Five reasons why you’re not personally fulfilled, Why expectations are toxic and A step-by-step plan to start feeling fulfilled today. You’ll also learn strategies that have helped my clients transform their lives.


How to successfully hack yourself in 30 days

Do you suck at creating new habits? No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to be consistent for longer than 5 days. If that sounds like you, then this video is for you. You’d learn why you struggle to form new habits and a proven 5-step-plan to finally help you hack yourself in 30 days!


Why you suck at multitasking and how to fix it

Want to know a little secret? You suck at multitasking. You might be rolling your eyes as you read this, convinced that you’re the exception to the rule and pride yourself on doing 10 things at once. Here’s the deal: Why you are perfectly capable of doing 10+ things at the same time, The truth is, None of those 10 things are being done to the best of your ability. That’s why today we’re discussing why you cannot get a handle on everything in your life at the same time and what to do instead.


5 ways how not to deal with grief

The topic of grief is very dear to me because it has taught me so much about strength, acceptance, and surrender. Since the passing of my favorite uncle, Califa, I’ve learned to detach myself from the pain of grief. Sometimes we use the pain of grief to keep our loved ones alive once they’ve passed. In today’s video, I’m opening up about why that behavior is toxic. You’ll also learn strategies to use to navigate the grieving process.


Why your obsession to be liked is making you miserable

A lot of us are obsessed with being liked by other people, and in the journey, we become miserable. In today’s video, I’m sharing why your obsession with being liked is robbing you from your happiness. I’ll share why this awesome book has changed my life. Here’s what we’ll cover: (1) Why A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle is a game changer, (2) Why your obsession with being liked is making you miserable, (3) And, what to do to fix it.


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